a challenge from a church survivor

Renee Today at

Tune in later today when Renee comes on this blog as part of her blogcrawl and PA schedule for her book Stumbling Toward Faith: My Longing to Heal from the Evil that God Allowed.
At 7pm tonight london time Renee Altson , who blogs at Ianua, will visit me in the virtual chat room "Suddenly Seminary". click here for London time right now
suddenlyseminary150Come here first for instructions, then off to Habbo.
To get there, go to, check in, dress yourself, and select "Suddenly Seminary" in the guest rooms.
BTW, Habbo Hotel is selling virtual pulpits in the RARE section of its catalogue, for those of you doing virtual churches. I will show you mine tonight.

nay3But back to Renee. She writes artistically and with passion about her journey from the dark tunnel of spiritual abuse. A few weeks ago, I wrote up a confession of my own spiritual abuse called "Gutter Punk" and I have often written and spoken about the issue of manipulation and abuse from those in ecclesial power. It will be good to meet Renee on line and hear some of her story. i already have her book, which i recommend buying from Youth Specialties, since they are donating a dollar from every copy to a good cause. You can also download a sample pdf from this page.

She has already made appearances on the blogs of Cory Aldrich, Jordon Cooper and U2sermons. After me, she appears on Latina Liz (Sep 7 - which is my birthday) and Jay Voorhees (Sep 8).