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Graduation Party Online

Update: Thanks everyone for coming. Here is a picture of us dropping into the tub. Great game, Sam!!! The idea was you go through one teleporter and come out falling into the tub. we found out that you can take your coffee with you and it doesn't spill.

ssgrad2 This is the leftover people lining up in front of the graduation diploma.

I need to stop Suddenly Seminary because we are moving to Stromness, Orkney Islands, and we will be without broadband for at least 4 months. So this will be the last time we meet until further notice. But it has been fun, hasn't it?

Original post:
Suddenly Seminary Graduation Party.Tuesday 12th. 7pm london time. Be there. Everyone. We will have fun, play games, talk silly. Celebrate. Samuel has created some killer games, including a walk the plank game that has you landing in a chair or hottub - very cool and never been played before. - "suddenly seminary" guest room. password is "boaz"