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A Flood for London?

Some prayer leaders have alerted me in an email that London might be in for a serious flood. And really soon. They think the whale entering London's harbour last month was a sign, as was the fire in London that I was privy to see from the airport. I noticed that LondonPrayer.net have posted the same information. They would have the skinny if the waters start rising over London. I know many of them and THEY ARE NOT LOONEYS thus i have giving space for them here.

“We see the need to warn and to prepare for major flooding from the Thames - covering significant areas of the London flood plain - inclusive of the financial centre of the city. It is foreseen that this will be of sufficient magnitude to cause damage and destruction to property - necessitating the relocation of people from the area." Link

Survivedtheflood Reminds me of when Prague flooded. In 2002, we were doing a prayer walk around the city and one of the girls in our group, Martina, saw a strong image of floodwaters rising up. That was 6 weeks before the flood came to Prague, exactly as she saw it. She also had a dream about the flood only 3 days before the flood hit. I blogged it here.

My Indian friends are quite convinced that the Tsunami that hit Indonesia, India, and Sri Lanka was directly connected with the spiritual state of those areas. They believe the same thing about New Orleans. So, I will be keeping an eye our for London.

These are the posts that contain London, Flood, Prayer per day for the last 30 days. Lets see if the prophecy meter keeps rising.
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