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February 14, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference what i would say to the young american emerging churches:

» Letter to "us" from Andrew Jones from bob.blog
Most of the New Testament is letters... We call them "epistles" but that's just a fancy word for a letter from one Christian who, because of gifts, calling, and wisdom had earned a place of authority and respect in the [Read More]

» A Challenge to the emergingmissionalchurchmovementconversation from two and two makes five
The tallskinnykiwi, aka Andrew Jones lays down the funk on the USA side of the emerging church. Andrew, who is, as I've said before, the grand pooh-ba of the worldwide underground emerging thing, does his best to reclaim the tradition [Read More]

» EC and the Present Climate of Constant Criticism from The Blind Beggar
Andrew Jones at Tallskinnykiwi has come out swing on the climate of constant criticism of the emerging-missional movement in North America. When is someone going to chastise us for basing our philosophy on the attribute of our complex, Triune God as ... [Read More]

» First Andrew: To the E-MC in North America from Subversive Influence
I have this almost-irresistable urge to quote the whole letter, breaking it down into two chapters with numbered verses and subheadings for easy reference. Andrew Jones has written a letter to the emerging-missional church in North America, titled &#... [Read More]

» A Letter to Emerging Churches from uconnchurch.com: BLOG
Tony Jones, one of the most articulate spokespeople for what is happening throughout the world in terms of the emerging church movement, offers us this "epistle": TallSkinnyKiwi: what i would say to the young american emerging churches... [Read More]

» letter to emerging-missional churches from finite elements of this life
When you have 10 minutes CLICK HERE READ THIS. Its an open letter from Andrew Jones (probably the face of emergent in the UK) to emerging types in the US. Although its critical in nature, reading this made me want to be ... [Read More]

» Adventures in Missing the Point: Andrew Jones from The A-Team Blog
Yesterday Andrew Jones let loose on the critics of the emerging church in ... [Read More]

» http://scottbridwell.typepad.com/main/2006/02/for_now_let_me_.html from Scott Bridwell
For now let me say to the younger leaders...we have proved ourselves to have a voice, let us now put aside our aversion to be involved with denominational leadership, let as stop allowing the uninformed dictate to others who we [Read More]

» Epistle to the emerging church... from Tensegrities
So, TallSkinnyKiwi has written an epistle to the emerging church in North America. I wish I had time to write a response, but not today. Still, at least you can read it here!... [Read More]

» A response to Andrew Jones from ryan torma
My response to Andrew Jones' letter to American Emerging Churches. Andrew, The emerging church has a blessing and a problem that are two sides of the same coin; no one is in charge of the emerging church, and thus, no... [Read More]

» Must read article on the Church from Drew's world
Andrew Jones, on the TallSkinnyKiwi blog, has written an open post to the emerging church in the USA. If you are at all interested in the state of the Church in the USA, or are curious about spirituality, please read. TallSkinnyKiwi /*******... [Read More]



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