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July 19, 2006


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference How Your Emerging Church Can Stay in Calvary Chapel, Inc:

» Calvary Chapel on the Emerging Church from The Blind Beggar
Calvary Chapel was founded by Chuck Smith, Sr. in Costa Mesa, CA. During the late 1960s Smith expanded his ministry to the hippies at the beaches surrounding Costa Mesa. These hippies were some of the early converts of the Jesus Movement ... [Read More]

» Scared and Anxious Over the Emerging Church from theVoiz: The Blog of Aaron Flores
For me, and I'm sure for others, one of the most frustrating things to come out of the Emerging Church is the criticism. Before I go any further, I have my own criticisms from being involved and studying the emerging church which I feel is constructive... [Read More]

» Amen Andrew from Hey, Ya Know What?
Andrew Jones comments on the asinine condemnation of 'icons' in the Calvary Chapel movement. They have some good warnings, but their proclamtion on emerging churches is so uninformed. Andrews best comment ended the post:And if iconic cleansing is going to [Read More]

» http://www.boarsheadtavern.com/archives/2006/07/20/0842995.html from The Boars Head Tavern
Greg, I have to agree with your take on Chuck Smiths view of church history. The more I read and study those who went before us in the faith (great cloud of witnesses, anyone?), the more I appreciate the concept of the Church as one Holy, Cathol... [Read More]



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