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June 02, 2007


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» Foul Language from Counseling Notes
Recently Chuck Swindoll was dropped from the VCY Radio Network for “Crude, Vulgar, From the Gutter” Language. Some bloggers applauded the action, others were offended by the radio network, not by Chuck. Andrew, the Tall Skinny Kiwi, pointed out ... [Read More]

» Semi-Random Linkage from theopraxis
I'm actually working on a real, live post - oh frabjous day, callou, callay! Or something like that. Anyway - I think perhaps something has shaken loose and the brain juices are flowing. More on that later. In the meantime,... [Read More]

» Stockpiled Stromateis from AKMA’s Random Thoughts
I have enjoyed Stephen Fry’s work in various contexts; it’s now my delight to enjoy reading his blog., and not only because he slags “Dan Whatsit” and his “preposterously awful” book The Leonardo Code. And now I know many things not to say if I ever me... [Read More]



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