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I am back today to blogging after a break. Consider me online. Heres what's going on with me.

Images-2Coming out of the Christmas/New Years Tunnel and emerging into the work rhythm of 2008. Debbie and I are doing a 3-4 day anti-toxin fast using a formula with maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon. That will flush out the week of feasting but I hope it will also cure me of my tea and coffee dependency and remind my body that i am still the boss.

I preached yesterday at the local Baptist church. I geared it more to men. I read an article last week that only 1% of men attend church regularly in UK. One of the biggest criticisms was that the preachers never talk about stuff. Men like to argue, not listen. Men dont like to sing sissie songs and hold hands with strangers like a bunch of wossies. Men like to push themselves to achieve goals and accomplish great things. Men like to talk about the STUFF of life.

So I talked about stuff. I talked about my new planner system (Filofax) and how Genesis 1 gives a creative rhythm for the work week. I talked about my recent computer upgrade to MAC OS 10.5 and the joy of being born again. I talked about my fitness goals for 2008 which involve passing the test to be a smoke jumper. And some other stuff. I dressed in my puma boxing boots, track pants and sweatshirt. It seemed to go down pretty well.

This week: writing and admin and sorting out stuff. mainly writing.
Next week: Oxford and Amsterdam