HPV Coercion story in Herald, page 3
"Sex Jab" HPV Story is Express Front Page

Facebook Facts

10,000 machines run the facebook site
100,000 facebook applications in the UK
100,000,000 facebook users worldwide


Mark Zuckerberg talks about Facebook at Future of Web Apps Expo. I dont use facebook very much. I started my account in 2006 because I was speaking at a Fusion student event and this was the way they were communicating with each other. As soon as I joined, my email box was inundated with trivia about who was saying what to someone else and I found it all quite invasive and time-wasting. Then some decent games came along and I was a bit more positive about Facebook, but not enough to spend hours inside it. Now, my facebook account is updated daily by my twitter and there is still a fair amount of internal email that I need to read. I have over a hundred groups that people think I should join and an army of faces and names I dont recognise who want to be my friends. But still, its an amazing platform and an amazing story.

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