Global Faith Forum: $20 special
Ed Stetzer : Agreeing to Disagree

Global Faith Forum Begins

Big Bob Roberts is on stage, welcoming his friends to God's house, including friends who are Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Christian and none of the above. He says that he doesnt like the word "interfaith" because it leads to compromise. "Multi-faith" is a better word. It suggests we can hold to what we believe but act in friendship with those who believe in something else.

Being confident in our faith, says Bob, gives us the freedom to make friends.

Now he's done and a panel of 6 people is discussing their faith. A Palestinian Christian is talking right now and soon the Muslims and Jews will talk. After that, Ed Stetzer will give the keynote on the theme "Multifaith: How multi-fear has prevented the conversation"

After that,  there's only one thing left to do . ..  eat ice cream. And that's exactly what we are all going to do.