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Back to Bali for Transform World

Today my official acceptance letter for the Transform World Global Challenges Summit came through. It will take place in Bali, November 6-9. Some of my good friends from Lausanne Congress will be there. Should be interesting.

Tiny acts transform the world

Yeah Bali! If you remember, we were in Bali the same time last year, spending time with young Indonesians who were coming out of destructive lifestyles to start a new life with God. We are still connected to them all and hope to catch up again with this growing network. You can read more about it at "A cooked and perverse generation and a room full of prostitutes".

Bali is a long way but there is a similar conference next month called Global Church Forum (Oct  16-18) hosted at Park Community Church in Chicago. I will be a long way from Chicago when it happens, which is a shame because many of my mission homies will be speaking there, but they have asked me if I would blog it from the online streams. Which I think I will do, at least some of it.