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Church 2.0 Tour

Greg Atkinson is setting up a Church 2.0 Fall Tour in preparation for a book in the near future on the subject. More on Facebook and DJ Chuang's blog.

Even though you might be getting tired of hearing about EVERYTHING 2.0, and the term is probably only continuing due to the O'Reilly conferences and their huge web presence, the concept of Church 2.0 is good and worthy of consideration. You might also want to check out my original blog post from 2005 called Church 2.0 and an article I wrote called Linking to Cyberchurch

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Google Insights for Search

Its another wicked cool tool from Google. Their insight for search tool lets you see word searches over time and within geographical regions. The search term "emerging church" for example, has been declining in use since its peak in early 2007 and South Africans come out on top as the top users of this term. "Postmodern Church" has been in decline since 2004 while "missional church" is still popular. If you were thinking of naming a project or website, this tool could be handy to figure out how appropriate your name is, especially in relation to their "rising searches" list which is also a handy tool.

Downside in my opinion is the search results point to static web articles, most of which have no comments or feedback for correction or comment. Why not point to some tried and tested blog posts? I am wondering if Google will be pointing to its own Knol pages in the near future and this is a preliminary step.

Here is a map of the regional searches for "emerging church".
Picture 14-3

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Ideas4all - Launches Today


New website launches today called ideas4all.com. Share your ideas or your problems that need a solution. Easy. Teilhard de Chardin would be impressed with the global brain idea. Thanks Patricia for the heads up. I already posted my first idea (sunglasses with camera for streaming live video through phone networks to sites like QIK.com) and my first problem (how to locate potential social entrepreneurs for possible funding or training or networking)

Picture 12-1

Patricia says,
"It is the brainchild of internet maven, Ana Maria Llopis. Llopis, creator of Open Value, Spain’s first online brokerage source, among other web-applications. Llopis founded Ideas4all with intent to stimulate the organic development of ideas; from life-changing innovations, to small everyday ideas."

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Graphing Social Patterns

Graphing Social Patterns East is a great Web 2.0 conference held over the next few days. I almost came over for it. Really . . . i was THIS close. But hey . . . another time. Watch out for the live-blogging on a new blog platform called Scribble Live. Could be a great app. for future collaborative blogging at events like this.
HT: East Coast Blogging which has info on Scribble Live.

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5 Web 2.0 Spring Cleaning Projects. Done!

Spring is upon us. Here are a few small Web 2.0 projects that I have managed to get done in the past week.

1. Set up Flock as my default browser. (done). Goodbye Firefox and Safari. Flock has been one of the favourite browsers in my harem but now will become my preferred browser-dashboard, Flickr gallery, RSS reader as well as being another blog editing platform, working alongside Ecto.

2. Collate my many web 2.0 life streams into a single multi-streamed gush. (done).

  • Twitter Upcoming YouTube Bebo del.icio.us Digg Facebook Flickr LinkedIn Ning Skype Technorati
  • 3 Storm into Google, gather the bots and train them all to search my blog responsively, regularly, respectfully, and await my every command to either find, hide, dismiss or prioritize my thousands of blog posts. The last one is a doozy. This is all possible through Google Webmaster Tools (done) and submitting to Google a site map of my blog (done).

    4. Add a new and improved web 2.0 friendly template for the blog (done), including a small dashboard for my web 2.0 addictions.(done)

    5. Web 2.0 linked signature for Apple Mail (done)

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    Google Webmaster Tools: Search Results from each country

    Google webmaster tools now has a feature that lets you see what google searches people did to find your site FROM EACH COUNTRY! I had no idea they were so different. Its really worth a look. Here are my number one search queries in which my site appeared:

    USA - "andrew jones"
    UK - "habbohotel uk"
    New Zealand - "kiwi nudes"
    Germany - "Horst Schafrenek"
    France - "sex house"
    Turkey - "i dress"
    Netherlands - "andrew jones"
    No results yet from China, Australia and a few other straggling countries.

    And if you don't have Google webmaster tools, then do it. And set up a site map so you can control those Google bots, wild beasts all of them, and point them to the blog posts they need to see.

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    Online Communities and Church 2.0

    The sandbox for iGoogle opened yesterday. Should be exciting to see new apps for Google's Open Social. I am really interested in the idea of spiritual communities launched natively through phone and web apps and I think this one could be a part of the scheme of things.

    Are you also thinking about online spiritual communities? And the potential of Web 2.0 for Church 2.0? Love to hear what you are thinking. Send me an email. I may want to ask you some questions.

    Also, any readers out there who are considering attending the Graphing Social Patterns Conference next June or attended the GSP West Coast conference last month?
    What about Google's Developer Event in San Francisco in May?
    Are you at Web 2.0 Expo right now???? [Lucky sod!]

    Come forward please. Come on up to the front. Yes . . . I see that hand . . .

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