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June 17, 2005



I don't think God's in it. It's just some psychobabble game we play on ourselves because we feel some responsibility or conscience...

Thomas Brown

Hi Debbie!
Blessings to you and yours! Pennance... Could pennance be a vehicle of freedom? I wonder if we could embrace it in freedom, not in guilt. When we know God has totally forgiven us, totally accepted us, totally embrased us.. then what is pennance? A kind of dance, perhaps. A slow, graceful dance. A gentle celebration of God's love, and a song to God where we say, simply, "Thank you." These are just some thoughts your post inspired in me.

heather miller

This is one subject I find myself struggling to filter through. Where my time and energy needs to go, every choice/decision I/we make with the children and each other. There's so many ways to feel guilty, but its easier thinking along in the area that it isn't of God....thanks for the reminder.


I was reading this blog and my husband came over and started reading over my shoulder, I said "she's just like me"--and as he finished the first paragraph he said "I'm glad I'm not a woman" Apparently he thinks this way of thinking is more a female thing(?) could be.


It might be less of a guy thing. When I lay awake stressing that my son might become a high-powered international internet thief and require immediate plans on how to prevent such a catastrophe he does seem to think I am over-reacting.


Ppl like you get all the bairns. I just get to say thanks for he answer.

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