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July 08, 2005


lisa c

what a lovely post..i too relate to weeds.

heather miller

i LOVE a feild of dandelions! i think its gorgeous! i love the thinking of just letting nature grow where it wants to.... just let it all be beautiful in its own way.

Debbie Jones

I read this book when I was young about a pioneering family living on a prarie with a sod roof. Dad had a hard time finding it when coming home so he bought dandelion seeds (imagine dandelion seeds in a packet). Soon they had a roof of dandelions to help dad find his way home.


i think that is beautiful and i think you are beautiful too. wanted to say happy birthday. i hope you get treated like royalty today. well and everyday. by the way what is that book called. sounds cool.

heather miller

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL! ROCK ON & PARTY ON! Please know that even though I don't know you, you are still a grand blessing in my life! love ya!

kristen Rudd

happy birthday! wish we could have been there to celebrate with you! maybe one day...


Happy Birthday, Debbie. May you have a very special day even today, and tomorrow and may you continue to be tuned onto Jesus' heart. Thanks for sharing with us. g


Weeds are okay, if you have a few acres and no neighbors. Once you live on a plot of land the size of a postage stamp, the neighbors will comment on your every weed.


didn't know it was your bairthday. a very happy birthday to you.

i always think of weeds as plants in a place where you don't want them to be. my neighbour juliet, and i, we let certain 'weeds' grow hapiy in our gardens. the great thing for me about 'weeds' is that the slugs don't eat them!!

so many 'weeds' are so pretty too.

some people we know just moved to a new-build estate in phoenix,AZ and they get fined if they have weeds growing in their front yard. TOO MUCH CONTROL!!!!!!


HI Debbie,

so happy to open your blog finally - hoe you had really HAPPY B-day time! Weeds are great - you dont have to actualy take care of them and they just grow without your help...dandelions are the best - love Czech lawns near forests full of their yellow heads - dont feel like I do something wrong if I make big wrieves of them ...

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