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July 27, 2005



Hi Debbie,
how are you guys doing? I tried to email you before going to Slot, but got no answer, perhaps I have a wrong address... Could you perhaps send me the correct one? Thanx a lot! You rock, Debbie! Everyone I know that knows you think you are amazing... most recently Asia from Poland (wife of DJ Sowa) remembered you virtually with tears in eyes. Love you! In His hug, Sasa


hi debbie

i don't envy your chaos but it is good that i am reminded that your life is also full of laundry and frantic antics! spending time with you i have never seen the chaos - you are always floating on peace and stillness. you always seem to be so secure in who God made you to be and it is as though you have truly understood how all the bits of you make up your identity.

i really look up to you - you are one of my most significant disciplers. i love that we are friends and sisters and i wish I would be able to spend so much mmore time with you.

i love you, bea xx

ps. no 2 due in march!!

Susan from Mainz, Germany

i have been a "silent reader" since you've started your blog. i like what you say.

about memorizing:
make a song out of the quote "Abba,..." - it will help a great deal.

about learning (when getting older):
we have an incredible brain, it can and will expand, if we use it, until we die (unless we get a disease or stop using it and start walking "old familiar ways")

learning is one of the coolest things God invented, in my opinion

Mike R

This is a great, thought provoking post, dis-ingenuously coated in humour.

Thanks so much for this.

I've posted some thoughts on moot's blog, with a link back to here.

lisa c

thanks for such an honest post!


i found my way here through emily's blog - i am friends with em, tom, lora, finn et al and fairly recently moved to edinburgh. I have really enjoyed reading your posts. if it is next week that you are in shetland, for the conference which isnt a conference then maybe we will meet.
- anneleen -

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