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July 03, 2005



Having just returned from the UK a couple of weeks ago, I did notice the difference in the news. G8 and Live8 were the big news there and it wasn't unusual to see "Make Poverty History" banners in towns. Here it has been very quiet. I think many people are active in a private way, but not as a society. Even news of the massive Live8 concerts was buried many pages into the newspaper without any photos. It appears to me that the UK are much more actively involved in helping the poor, and God will bless them for that. :)


I came across your blog clicking from one place to another. I am so glad I did! I have been participating w/ one.org in Indianapolis, IN USA. When I read what you & your children did by painting it inspired me to do the same. We had been talking about the day, were watching the Live8 concert & read a bit from the Bible. Adding the painting was the perfect way top it all off! Thanks for the inspiration,
'becca ~ mom of 2 boys and (an added bonus step) daughter


I spseuct most country house or shipboard mysteries have at most one clergyman.And does the ship have a bulldog called Huxley to stand guard in the lounge….


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