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July 30, 2005



a kind of restlessness comes upon me and off I go again with my three under four. i identify with your 'being moved' to do the trip despite rational knowledge of one's physical and pyschological limits. I have rules that seem to work, and then just up and throw those away and take those kids out into the world with me. thankyou for mumjones.

the blicks

Debbie Hi! I find this post very interesting and suspect that a lot of empathy is happening deep down for that brave little daughter of yours on pilgrimage in Spain!!! I heard from Cindz this morning and as I haven't found that important number I put in a safe place, I pass it on. Sent 8.00p.m. 2 Aug "In rabanal. 2moro we hav 2 cross the area that had weird spiritual vibe last yr. Prayer apprec!Also i hav a yucky sore throat. Liz is gr8. True pilgrim! Cx u" There is an entry in her scrapbook. Manjarin refuge run by Tomas, a modern knight (templario) weird vibe. Please pray. love from fleur


I love your writing style genuinely loving this site. "Truth is beautiful and divine no matter how humble its origin." by Michael Pupin.

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