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August 30, 2005



you are NOT weak debbie! it is perfectly normal to feel like that and most people feel like that regularly so it is kinda comforting to know that even you feel like that sometimes (ok, maybe not comforting to you but comforting to us mere mortals!). and besides, god works through our weakness to reveal his strength and glory. he is preparing something awesome for you and your family, just keep trusting him to bring it to pass. i am praying for you and i know that many people the world over will be doing the same. "be still, and know that i am god" keep meditating on that. don't strive for what god will freely give you. much luv, prayers and blessings...

Debbie Jones

Thanks Cindy, Historically it is when I realize that I am pathetically weak and foolish that God does go into turbo-bless. But at the low part of getting where, unfortunately, I know I need to be so I take my trembling hands off the control and let God take over...well, not a very fun place to have to get to. Wish I could learn without the pain. Wish I could walk into the "new season" without the old season needing to be whacked away.


that you are not. debbie, you are truly one who knows how to bend with the wind, one who knows how to dig wells, stretch your toes to tap into the natural springs around in any place. you thrive and bring shade and fruit for both your family and those you adopt into yours. i've always admired your YES in your spirit to the abrahamic move of god. orkney did seem like a dream come true for you guys... but i believe the impossible, to dream again, is just beyond. you dream HIS dreams now... no longer your own. he says go...and he will tell you when to stop and get off the boat just the way he led jackie pullinger.

selfishly, i'd love for you to be in america. i'd love for you to be in austin for that matter. but as koreans say, (transliterally) YOU HAVE BIG FEET. your "feet" cover many lands and many places. he will stretch out the canopy to provide YOU shade.

love and more love...

Debbie H.

Sometimes the big picture is just too big for our little minds. Maybe, for you, the key is just to pray where to put your feet next, just the next step. I know I'm not saying anything you don't already know, maybe just reminding you of something. Sometimes I forget to listen too, because I think I know all the answers. A book I read once asked the question: Would you rather be right or happy?


It isn't like God to be elusive like this? Really? In my experience, that all he has ever been.

kristen Rudd

I remember when I first met you in 1998 at Doug and Shelley's in Flower Mound, of all places. You guys were in this huge transition, nothing was really certain, and you were just enjoying your kids while the guys were trying to figure out paint colors for the walls.

I don't know what was going on in your head or your heart, but you seemed to be very much at peace with where you were.

Same thing when I camped with you for the first time. You didn't have a house or anything, nowhere to call "home" but your husband, kids and big white van.

I admired that a lot, the way you lived in the freedom your opportunity gave you. You saying you never had to worry about cleaning house was something I took and kept!

Over the years, I've felt almost guilty for "settling," even though we've moved four times in our three year marriage. We have things now that we didn't have before, like furniture, and dishes. In our quest to get rid of it now, I'm learning that the things, the settling isn't bad, but when I start putting my trust and sense of security in those things rather than in Jesus, that's when i need to look out.

I don't know if that is relevant to what you're thinking through, but there it is.

I guess both ways are good, so long as they are where God calls you for whatever season you are in. Peace and prayers for you.


I feel a little wierd writing since I don't really know you. I did meet Andrew once, he stayed at our house in Germany before the Foursquare conference last winter. I have really enjoyed your blog - its like a fresh breeze of truth and reality.

I could really relate to this post. We are also moving soon. I do however, know where we're going, but am full of questions. We seem to have a 2 year pattern - stay in one place for two years, then move on. We're not going so far this time, just about 30 km to Mainz, where our church and most of the people in it are. I have been wanting this for so long, but now that its reality its so scary. Why do I have so much doubt? I have experienced God's provision over and over, and yet I am afraid that the finances of the move will be too much from us - much higher rent, moving costs... If God is leading, He will provide, right? And somehow I am very much looking forward to and at the same time afraid of what the move will mean for our, and my role, in ministry. (husband works for the church)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. This has always been one of my favorite verses, but the working out of it is so hard. It is so hard to trust when I can't understand or see how God is going to do it.

Thank you for your honesty. It is a real encouragement to me.


Hi Debbie, I've been reading your husband's blog for some time and started reading yours. I've added it to my favorites because I really appreciate what you have to say. It's encouraging to me to read about your transient life, your struggles, your kids. There are some similarities between your lives and ours. God asked my husband to quit working over a year ago and for us to trust Him to be our Source. The past year has been very hard but very good as we've learned to trust God more and more. We live in a friend's small guesthouse. It doesn't feel like home, yet it's our home for now. Our lives are full of uncertainty and we have no control over what's going to happen. This is really hard for me as a woman because most of us women are control freaks. I appreciate your honesty about the things you struggle with. Those are some of the same things I'm struggling with. There is a sort of comraderie I feel knowng that God has you guys living outside the box, same as us. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I find your posts very encouraging and refreshing. God bless!


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