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August 06, 2005




you don't know me but i feel like i know you. my wife and i live in Abilene, Tx and i am a graduate student there. i stumbled on to your blog after some bloghopping in class one day.

i can't tell you what your thoughts and meanderings (meant in a strictly positive way) have meant to me. you are a breath of fresh air and a wonderful boost to my day. i don't follow very many blogs... yours, mine, and a few others around, but short of my own yours is the favorite part of my cyberday.

just wanted you to know.
God bless.

miller talbot


Längtar tills vi ses igen – du måste ha mssaor att berätta för oss!! Kan nog inte räcka med en kväll, eller så får vi börja tidigt. Var rädd om dig, kram/Gunnel


Stacey - BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the pic of the mom the first time she hold her lil boy!!! To see her so happy and crying, u can't help but cry with her. I also love the pic of the dad right after the baby is born. He's lonkoig at his wife with the biggest smile! Tell them CONGRATZ and thank you for sharing!March 31, 2011 10:17 pm


I love the Dixie Chicks as well. I found another band that you might like, Antigone Rising. They rnmied me of each other, without being the same. I actually picked it up on a whim at Starbucks, they were playing it in the store so I kindof liked the sound. Great CD. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have a son on the spectrum. He is 13 now, but I tell you, one sentence into your most recent blog entry about the three screams, I knew exactly where you were going. We used to parent trying to use traditional methods, before we knew. I want to say that more love and less anger made all the difference in the world. I simply can not believe he is the same child now that he was at 6 or 7. We completely overhauled our parenting approach, and boy did it pay off. He feels so safe now and knows that he can come to us no matter what. We used to give him time outs for tantrums and for not following through with things that he (we didn't know this) just needed to understand the big picture about in order to be compliant. We thought it was defiance. We couldn't have been more wrong. School is a different story, always an uphill climb working with the staff there. Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Nice blog and hang in there! I'll be back to visit again.:)

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