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August 31, 2005



thank you for sharing this. May God continue to bless your kids'generous hearts :)

Blessings for you too - wherever you end up for this coming year. Moving is stressful, and not knowing is more so. But God is always with you. Hang onto His promises as best you can.

And shout out *HELP* when you find yourself floudering. Be blessed :)


Hey Debbie, you're the greatest!


tell liz to get blogging!!!! she hasn't done anything since before the camino...and now she has started secondary school...big changes...need to be recorded in cyberspace! ;-)


Debbie, I second Jessica's motion--you rock! I love this story about Samuel giving his money. Derek was laughing about that... Samuel really knows how to save. Some day he will give us all financial counsel!


sounds like there's some pretty loud songs to ABBA going up, not just loud queen! and how wonderful to hear of more stories about the "intentional discipleship by osmosis" that continually goes on 'mongst the Jonesez. rock on, on the Rock!

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