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September 10, 2005


heather miller

Girl keep on standing and praying and we'll do the same. One thing I'm learning in my present (and past) situations is to be floatable. Willing to go for awhile or short, and willing to stay for awhile or short. Which is difficult, its definitely a daily process. Always praying for you and your beautiful fam. Much love


hi debbie, so good to hear you talking with so much integrity. you are such a blessing and bring so much life and vitality into my world. and how exciting to be living above a cool restaurant! love bea


yeah. i can breathe again. feels like release. on a selfish note i am really glad you guys feel like you will be staying there for a while. cause i just can't wait to get back over there. my heart just fell in love. and about the tamara and the cat. watch out. dogs always find me. literally jump into my car or run through the front door. or cross my path and then stop. and it's always the one with no home that finds me. my used to drive my mother crazy. i have to be careful now because we live in an apartment. anyway i think thats cool that tamara has that. ahhh i really miss her.
love you

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