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Jan 01, 2004



What a great idea - Thanks!


It is vanity to wish for long life and to care little about a well-spent life. After spending the past year battling cancer these words ring true so deeply with me. 2003 is gone...good riddance. Welcome 2004...

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You're a braver woman than I it was weeks before I could even begin to think about looking at the incisions from my lap. Even now I don't like to touch them.


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4.She study very well.But almost more than I.hehe.

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3.She is a good girl.She helped everyone.

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1.Everyone should have a love.Because love is pure.

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5.We eat together.We play together.

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8.It helps to keep us fit.

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This post has been somewhat of a revelation to me.

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We eat together.We play together.

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