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"We are not talking about renewal. Renewal is a concept foreign to the emerging Church. Renewal implies that the Church was once what God intended it to be and that our task is to bring it back to that golden age."

Larson, Osborne, The Emerging Church (1970), p11

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I think discussion on renewal should be on a personal basis - we should be continually seeking to renew ourselves... our belief... our thinking... our approach. By doing so we keep it fresh for ourselves and for others... and hopefully in doing so we move closer to what God wants for our lives.

Love the idea of a daily reflection and have bookmarked it and told my friends to check it out.

Peace, Thomas

I hope the emerging church believes in renewal. But renewal has a short-term/constant/repeating nuance in my mind.

Thomas, Great thought on renewal. I wonder if there is a connection to the emergence of the church and our personal renewal?


I believe that only God can stay the same... Just as we continually renew ourselves in His grace, I believe the church, as a collective group of people, should renew itself and continue to grow and develop. If we think we have it right... if we think we have finally arrived, spiritually... then we will begin to stagnate.
For me, the emerging church is about the journey, about getting ever closer to what the Lord wants in full knowledge that we will never quite get there.
What do you think?

Andrew, no Trackback URI?

Renewal and the Church that is Emerging connects this quote with a post from last year titled Renewal in the church? Sorry, that's just not enough anymore. So yeah, it resonates!

Great idea, this quote-a-day blog: keep up the good work!


I resonate with your comments. The notion of a collective journey has always been at the heart of my view of the church yet stagnation seems to be a hallmark of many churches. Unfortunately, many people find that living with the tension of emergence is not as easy as thinking we have arrived … I’ve always used the term transformation to describe the renewing work of the Spirit within a emerging collective. “Renewal” has just too much baggage in my opinion.

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