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Making The Most

Here is how you can make the most of the teaching. I will be setting this up as a teaching loop that should take a month to cycle through, and can then be repeated or accessed in your own time.

Each re-spammed posting will have its own discreet address for you to link back to.

Each posting will be feed to RSS newsreaders in XML. You may want to download a free newsreader for your PC or Mac, then you wont have to bother coming over to the web site everyday.

I will be mentioning some books along the way but I will focus more on articles and blog postings that are free and immediate.

You are free to reuse these postings as short articles. Please let me know where they will appear and link them correctly to the address of the actual post, not the front page. For example "http://tall . . . . . .html#12345678"

You are free to mash up what I write with your own or other peoples writings - and if you end up with somethin good . . then please let me know. Mabye we could publish together in book form?

Go ahead and comment on what i write - disagree, agree, add more links, write up something better and let us all know. Let all help each other understand.

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