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3 Internet Offenders

3 offenders come to mind, all of them biblical characters:

name: judas.
fame: hes the guy that sold out jesus. (mat 26)
game: the most obvious. they win your trust, get access to your files, thoughts and ideas. and then they sell you out, write a horrible review of you, or just make some money from your ideas and then protect it as their own intellectual property.

name: absalom
fame: stood at the gates telling people they should follow him and not king david (2 sam 15)
game: these guys hang out in the comments section of your blog, disagreeing with you and wooing people over to their own blogs. or even worse, agreeing with you, and then leading people over to their commerce sites or porn sites.

name: delilah
fame: seduced and sold out samson (judges 16)
game: these people appear as innocent names on your group email lists. innocent, that is, until they strart pimping themselves or their products to all the people on the list.

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hey andrew...i think...you shall know the truth...and the truth will make you free...blogging for me is individual and collective ...the truth about what is going on in me...and the truth that is in God's word...and the speaking truth seems to matter a lot to God...tell debbie and the family hello from texas...

Posted by: erika | Aug 23, 2005 2:01:01 AM