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Filters and not Funnels

The amount of information available to me
at any moment
is overwhelming.
Give me a filter over a funnel anyday.
I like filters
and not funnels

I am deluged with numbers
swamped by words.
Information chases me/pursues me with
bloodhound persistance
Messages, almost all of them meaningless,
are laying seige to my email box
looking for pinhole portals to enter my world
and become an entity.

Their attack is relentless.
I fight. I stand. I keep my guard up.
I could easily become like Moses
giving attention to the growing queue of requests
an endless line that grows when fed.
Each answer I send to pacify the requests
only creates more questions
more work/more information/ more swarming message-wasps
targeting the weak areas of my defense
I learn not to ask questions out of politeness
since I am adding to another person's swarm
as well as sending a pigeon
that will return to join my own noisy flock.
I delete messages in bulk
dozens at a time.
Before I click the extermination button
I glance through the list of names
that are somewhat recognizable
yet fail to bring up memories
generic friends I never had
They are selling the same product
to a tiny percentage of strangers
I am nothing to them
I feel violated.
because somebody stole my name and sold it.
but even worse
somebody is now stealing my time
and adding numbers to complicate my day

I desire more empty space in my schedule.
I desire silence
not the buzzing of the swarm.
I desire blankness on my computer
not bits and pieces that I will have to chase down one day
and re-establish their reason to exist
I love the color white on my computer screen
because it represents nothing
no code, no work, no stimulus.
I like filters.
and not funnels.
Filters stop the noisy, mindless activity.
I will spend money on filters more than funnels.
Filters make me wealthy by giving me less work to do
less emails to answer
less spam to delete
less pop-ups to click away
They take away the work that should not have happened
and that did not happen
and in exchange give me rest
a less complicated life

Funnels are for old-school people
They were taught that information was priceless
They were taught to pay attention to everything
to wait until the end of the message
They were taught that information must be apprehended
They are unguarded, vulnerable, easy targets.
They cant resist the temptation of knowledge acquisition.
data accumulation
They download emptiness
even worse,
they reproduce it
and send it on to those without filters.
What are they saying?
1. I have lots of spare time
2. I have apprehended a resource
3. I am old-school
4. My life is boring
3. I am insulting you by assuming you are so bored by life that you might actually read this.

I like filters
and not funnels

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3 Internet Offenders

3 offenders come to mind, all of them biblical characters:

name: judas.
fame: hes the guy that sold out jesus. (mat 26)
game: the most obvious. they win your trust, get access to your files, thoughts and ideas. and then they sell you out, write a horrible review of you, or just make some money from your ideas and then protect it as their own intellectual property.

name: absalom
fame: stood at the gates telling people they should follow him and not king david (2 sam 15)
game: these guys hang out in the comments section of your blog, disagreeing with you and wooing people over to their own blogs. or even worse, agreeing with you, and then leading people over to their commerce sites or porn sites.

name: delilah
fame: seduced and sold out samson (judges 16)
game: these people appear as innocent names on your group email lists. innocent, that is, until they strart pimping themselves or their products to all the people on the list.

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The Internet. What will the Church think up next?

Many people claim to have have invented the internet, or the culture around it (Cyberculture). But the church thought it up first. This is our position and we will stand by it until others bring forth some earlier dates, thus forcing us back to the annuls of history to find another patron saint. This is what we do. Everything is from the devil, until it becomes useful and acceptable, and then we find our innovative heros who were players back when the game was starting. And then we regret burning them. William Tyndale, comes to mind.

The Internet has existed as a concept in people's minds, long before computers and broadband. There have been many attempts to visualize what has already been imagined. History is still adding innovators and poets to its records. One of them is important to us.

noospheredrevilIn 1938, a Jesuit priest named Pierre Teilhard de Chardin spoke of a "sphere of thought" enveloping the earth. He referred to this "planterary thinking network" as the "Noosphere". Some date Chardin's teachings on this back to 1925, giving a special place for the church in the conception of cyberspace. Either way, it was a long time before Al Gore or any of us were alive.

We don't need to get all RAH-RAH about the internet or new media. That is a sure sign of old age -old people have an infatuation about technology (along with thinking that all music is too loud and all clothes are too baggy). But it is true that we are in the beginning stages of a new reformation, a renaissance of sorts. One that is giving a physical representation to the way we already view the world. So lets try and understand where we are and make the most of it.

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