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Let me offer up a word to the Blogosphere.-
BLOGPILE - like a dog-pile but instead of everyone jumping on one person, they all descend on a blog site. It is what happens when a flashmob turns up on one blog.
A blog pile is normally unorchestrated, although it is possible to predict when it will happen and there are ways to enable it.
I had a blogpile last week. One of my postings created interest, and recommendations,
"hey . . check out what Andrew said in his blog . . ."
and by the end of the day, there were 1000 hits - a bone-fide blogpile.
I say all this because I feel another blogpile coming on this afternoon, when I post a link to a hot article that will probably be published in a few hours, and "blog-pile" is the word that is brought to front in my mind. If this was happening in the real world, and people were crashing my house instead of my blog, I would be turning on the coffee pot and moving furniture.