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[grid::brand] I dont want to be branded

This is my first Grid Blog, as part of the global grid blog experiment this month, labelled with a [grid::brand] so that it can be tracked. Thanks to Ashley Benigno for suggesting the Grid blog idea, for Bob Carlton for suggesting with get with the program and for Steve Taylor who suggested that fans of Jesus do a Advent Grid blog - something that will start on Dec 7th.
What do I have to say about Brand.
Although many people accuse us of being identified by brand, I and my many millions of people screwed up enough to think like me, feel that we are identified more by lack of brand than brand.
I'll say it a different way.
What I dont choose identifies me more than what I choose. I dont want to be known as the Puma man or the Nike man, but rather a man. i would rather avoid the pitfalls of branding and be identified by who I am as a naked man.
Yes, take your snapshot when i am in the bath, because this is really who I am. Unencumbered by the labels and forced images of marketing people. This is how i want to be remembered. This is how I want to meet people, meet God, meet death - UNBRANDED - someone unidentified by branding.
Once I went to a church in California that suggested we remove all brand labels before entering communion. We took off our jackets and shoes. I was glad i wasnt wearing my Hugo Boss underwear!!!!!
Pete Greig in England ( told me that they had a No Logo service and it was really helpful.
The best service was the Brands Service at Grace Church, London. I happened to be in London that weekend and got to particpate in it. I blogged some details about the Big Macfession, and the What Would Jesus Wear exercise is posted on the web.
Naomi Klein, author of No Logo, is the Ralph Nader of the emerging generation. The difference is that Ralph was more concerned with personal safety and Naomi is concerned with the good of the planet and its population worldwide.
Who said that the emerging generation are consumeristic and materialistic? (Actually, I could name a few people, but wont do so here). Take a look at our lifestyle - what we refuse to buy, our disdain for labels. My friend Doug Pagitt won't buy anything made from certain Asian countries since it might be contributing to abuse and underage workers. This is his spiritual service to God. More of this in my article "Buffy The Backside Slayer".

Branding. I hate it. But I also like quality. Sometimes I buy based on branding, but I wish the label wasn't there.