Hanging with Gandalf

Berlin Rocks

We are back. We stayed with Kerstin Hack, who blogs at Berlin Rocks and runs a publishing company called Down To Earth. She is also our key contact for Berlin and is a very good friend.

Berlin is an amazing city. Nearly 4 million people, less than 60,000 church attenders. You do the math. Its a funky place and we have been considering moving our base here. We do have a feeling that we will live here one day, but sense the the time is too soon.
Future events that you might like to know about - March 4 Jesus next summer and a big worship experience with Noel Richards in July, 2005.

Back in 1985, when I was a young and working in Europe with OM, I used to go outside every evening, face Berlin, and pray that the wall would come down. It did, only 4 years later. I feel close to Berlin, as if there is an inheritance there. Something to do with teaching and resourcing. Lets see what the future holds

This picture is of my wife, Debbie. She says I never blog about her dreadlocks. Well, here is Debbie, with her red dreads, in Berlin. The family enjoyed the trip away from Prague. So did the Stuart family. It helped our minds to clear up and to make some important decisions for the future.