Carl F.H. Henry dies at 90

Orlando Bloom

According to (Orlando Bloom's fan site), Orlando and his mates have been trying to kick some demon butt.
Quote "So the actor and his fellow cast members - ORLANDO BLOOM and SEAN BEAN - visited a village church while filming in Mexico to pray for any curse to be lifted."
[BACKBLOG: OOOpppppssss - false alarm - Hes been praying to Greek gods who cant hear him. I might have to talk to him about that. Thanks Jaime Puente who followed the story for putting me straight. ]

Now, if my kids have their way with me, we will be on a train to Berlin tomorrow to see Orlando, Elijah Wood, Cate Blanchet at the European premiere of Return of The King, which , I need to point out, comes earlier than the USA premieres.
Theres justice for you. Yes, there is a God!