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More on Megachurch

Thanks for all your comments on "Willow Creek and postmodern worship", and for your honesty. it is obvious that there is real tension between large church structures and the emerging organic structures of church. It was helpful to let those feelings to the surface, as well as to land on a place where we can all respect other.
Now that is behind us, lets take another look at megachurch.
It has become fashionable to beat up on the megachurches, especially those that are no longer growing numerically (a failure by their own measurement, not ours) but still teaching others. i am hoping that we can all see the positive contributions that mega churches have made, as see our own history mirrored in their story.

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Defining the Emerging Church

ORIGINAL POST:This has been killing me all week. A well known magazine in England is asking me for a definition of Emerging Church. And I am really struggling with it. I have tried to avoid it in the past, since I (also) tend to snobbery and elitism, and dont want to exclude some of the excellent ministries that are doing a great job but are not really "emerging". I will type up something soon and post it here, because you guys are such great critics.

Here are the four questions that i have just answered and sent. i will post one of my answers each day over the next 4 days, so that you guys can comment if you like, and then Steve can gage what response he might get, and if he is still left with a job at the end of it.

1. How would you describe Emerging Church?
2. What examples have you seen that you think deserve the phrase "emerging"
3. Why do you think the idea of an emerging church has gained such popularity over the last few years - why do so many want a part of it?
4. How far do you think the church has to go before it will really start to reach the emerging generation in large numbers?

ADDED: Oct 2006
Here are the links to my answers:
Emerging Church Definition 1.0
Emerging church Definition 2.0
Emerging Church Definition 3.0
Emerging church Definition 4.0
Emerging church Defintion Additional
I believe the magazine published this but i dont think i ever got a copy.

I briefed a number of American Foundations on the emerging church scene. You can read what i said at

Churchless Faith

Its grey and cold and i am sitting on Oxford Street, London, doing some WIFI before descending back to the Tube. Thanks for your comments on Mega church - much apprecitated. You are very kind.
i am off to an Emergent event with Alan Jamieson, author of A Churchless Faith. Tell you about it later.

Right. Here i am at the conference. Its nice to meet Alan for the first time. He sent me his book ages ago, when it first came out, and i blogged about it then. He has a good pastors heart and a desire for people to walk with God. He challenges churches to become "Leaver Sensitive", or to take care of those sheep who follow Jesus outside the church.
Jason Clark has put Alan's notes in his folder.

vj software or video editing?

J. wants to know about VJ programs vs. video editing for his youth pastor.

Hi J.
your youth pastor wants ambient video wallpaper that does not distract from his message, or from whatever else is going on, but rather adds a vital and prophetic layer to it. He also wants to layer his words or announcements on top of the video.
My software does this. I use arkaos for Mac and am really happy with it. Because it is designed for club scenes and parties, I have to slow down all the effects and bland out the cheesy colors. I can do this easily and have complete control over the clips, effects and transitions.

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Willow Creek and postmodern worship

Mega church. There. I said it. Now you can hit me.
I need to write a seperate blog entry because some of you want to clobber me regarding mega church and i would rather you did it here, in the comments section. some of the mega church people may also want a few swings. As i said last week, you cant please everyone and in some cases, neither group will like me for what i am about to say.
This started when i said that a large church wants to hire an "Emerging Generation Pastor". Many of you gave your negative views of mega church and i called you "snobbish". I still think you are snobs.

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Dylan Greene on RSS

Dylan Greene's 10 reasons on why RSS is not ready for prime time are interesting but I still believe that RSS is the way the browsing experience is moving. Away from surfing and towards sucking in the headlines.
Besides that, it just feels good to have your RSS Feeder suck in info from all your favourite sites in a few seconds. It just feels good. Like Neo downloading a fighting program. Wooo ... Hey . . I know the latest BBC news.
Just feels good!

Small world

I am writing this from the offices of blogger Si Johnston and friends at Oasis, the people that run the site and the Headspace alternative worship service on Sunday nights. This is the church building where Emergent had an event with Brian MacLaren a few months ago and i got to meet some of the crew here. They have given me the official WiFi password so i can get online anytime i am in the area, or even just walking by their church. Thanks guys.
A few blocks away is the CMS centre, where I was meeting with Jonny Baker and others on Monday. Very connected city this London.
Speaking of connected, we were talking about blogger Andrew Hamilton, currently mentioned on Jonny's site and also on Si's site. Well, Hamo, who blogs at Backyardmissionary, has been a friend since we were both teenagers at Maylands Baptist Church in Perth, W. Australia. Si also just met with Shannon and Tamsin last week.
Hows that for a small world?