Emerging Gen pastor needed.
Willow Creek and postmodern worship

saturday, in the park

. . i think it is the 24th of january
saturday, in the park,
a park next to an internet cafe

people typing
people blogging
a man aggregating . . .

can you hear my family
. . . waiting for RSS feeds

playing in Princess Di park
while their dad
taps on keyboards . . .

sad story, i know, but i am only taking 30 minutes away from the family to tackle email and check the blogs.
as for the comments. let me answer a few of them here.
big churches hiring emerging gen pastors? - dont be snobbish, we should thank God that there are still megachurches who can do things we cant do on a scale we cant afford and with incredible speed.
RSS - its changing the way we work and surf. The filter is mightier than the funnel.
Is blogging the way forward? No, its only a reflection of our current value system. Blogging will not make your life any more interesting than putting another window on your house. (daniel in the bible had a window). the story has to be there. and it has to be a good story. so get a life, and then get a blog.
have a great weekend. talk to you on monday.