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Moving in today

We got our rental contract signed and are moving in today. A little 3 bedroom terrace house all squished up to the flats next to it - very english. Bea from moogaloo blog is with us from Sheffield and is staying the weekend. Thanks all for your prayers and cheers. Consider me on a 2-3 day blog fast while we get moved in and get on line. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Praying with 17000 people

Half night of prayer for London tonight that i am trying to get to, me and 17,000 other people.

[BackBlog] Well, as it turned out, Debbie had to pick someone up from the trainstaion that night so i could't go - but it is actually on March 26 (thanks to the comment below that brought my attention to the fact that no one would have been there anyway). Soul in the City East was the prayer meeting that was on that night - at a different location.

Good news is that i can still make it!

The Passion

I expect that Mel Gibson's movie will be the point of focus for bloggers over the next 2 days. I cant see it until it is released here in London so I want to pass you on to those who can speak from perspective.
Who? I would probably start with veteran theoblogian Rudy Carrasco at and go from there. If Rudy doesnt deliver, then good ol' Coop always has something up his sleeve.
As for me and my house, I am getting back to writing my book.

Blah - with Tom and Christine Sine

I attended a great event last night called Blah. These are evenings of missiological discussion sponsored by Church Missionary Society in London.
Think . . 50 people in a big room, round tables, merlot and chardonnay, nibblies to eat, and guest speakers each time to kick start the conversation. Cool, ay! What a great mission agency to sponsor this regular gather and to offer it free.
I know where i will be next time Blah comes around.

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The Girls Post: A Definitive History

Wooh. What a ride. What a blog-pile. Glad the story has ended so well, at least this chapter, all of us still friends and all learning from each other. It has been a learning experience for me.
I have already noticed a few short histories of this diablog on women vs girls. I want to be a good historian and put up my version as a reference for those of you interested in the conversation, the infamous event, or even the dynamics of new media communication that came out of this diablog.

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