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Blah - with Tom and Christine Sine

I attended a great event last night called Blah. These are evenings of missiological discussion sponsored by Church Missionary Society in London.
Think . . 50 people in a big room, round tables, merlot and chardonnay, nibblies to eat, and guest speakers each time to kick start the conversation. Cool, ay! What a great mission agency to sponsor this regular gather and to offer it free.
I know where i will be next time Blah comes around.

Come to think of, they asked me to speak at one of them - maybe the next one if i can get my act together and create the multimedia narrative missiology that i have been working on. . .

anyway, tom and christine sine were in town and they were the speakers last night. Great to see them again. they are good friends and we hope to have a lunch together soon.

Christine pioneered the medical program of the YWAM ship Anastasis - there was a documentary on BBC a few weeks ago on this - its really quite famous
Tom is a thinker and writer and loves to cook. He made me an incredible salmon when i last visited them in seattle.

Great to see them speak together as a team. Quite dynamic and fast moving. Their content was as good as ever (i have heard them many times), in fact it was even better than the past. They have a book out called Living on Purpose which explains their message: