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"i hate the emerging church"

Speaking of emering church, i came across a group of churches in USA that were really really organic. They shifted the house meeting every time they met to allow mixed leadership. They had a big focus on food (even wrote their own cookbooks) and there commitment level to each other was so strong that insurance policies were not needed. The churches i am describing are the Armish of Lancaster, Penn.
Ha - got ya!!!. But is it true that many of our "emerging values" are already in the Amish churches. Now dont trade in the car for a horse just yet; I was just thinking out loud.
Jason Clark listed some values of emerging church and Dan has some thoughts also at Signposts - a post called "I hate the emerging church" is worth a read. He ends up this way:

- It should describe something about us positively – what is it that we feel that the “emerging churches” share as characteristics?
- It should suggest a plural – it should suggest diversity and different experience and understanding
- it should allow for co-existence with established or traditional churches – how else can we invite the traditional church to share in our journey?
Well said.