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Women: Am I Missing Something?

Back again. After another weekend internet-off-line but family-on-line. i found a wifi spot this morning near Sainsbury's in Wathamstow and sucked in my email. Thanks to all of you for your comments and your commitment to me. I am honored. I knew something was up when I had a number of emails apologizing for harsh comments (and some that reinforced them). Well, I just read them all - please know that i am honored you feel the freedom to be honest and say what you like.

The issue at hand: Woman/Girls. I have been weighed and found wanting. My use of the word "girl" was taken my many as a negative connotation. Rehab is suggested. I am very open to learning. Please continue to teach me.

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"i hate the emerging church"

Speaking of emering church, i came across a group of churches in USA that were really really organic. They shifted the house meeting every time they met to allow mixed leadership. They had a big focus on food (even wrote their own cookbooks) and there commitment level to each other was so strong that insurance policies were not needed. The churches i am describing are the Armish of Lancaster, Penn.
Ha - got ya!!!. But is it true that many of our "emerging values" are already in the Amish churches. Now dont trade in the car for a horse just yet; I was just thinking out loud.
Jason Clark listed some values of emerging church and Dan has some thoughts also at Signposts - a post called "I hate the emerging church" is worth a read. He ends up this way:

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Mordecai had a mullet

Reinhold, whose blog has been rocking over the last 2 weeks (i have been checking it) asks about mullets.
Mullets are the mohawks of the new millenium. A mullet is a hairstyle that is short in the front and long in the back (bi-level). David Bowie kicked off the trend over 20 years ago and it is now a part of retro 80's culture to have one, even though they are really ugly and a badge of the white-trash culture.
Interesting thing is that the bi-level was the preferred hairstyle of ancient Persian rulers, leading me to believe that Mordecai, mentor of Esther in the Biblical book of Esther, had a mullet.
Mulletsgalore is the web site of choice.

Urban poor and GIRLS

[UPDATE Dec 6, 2005: Welcome to my controversial post - maybe the only blog post in the world with its own reunion party. Just want you to know before you read it that the context of our conversation (that i neglected to link to) was TEENAGERS of the FEMALE variety in China who were starting churches. I was arguing that they were young, and not yet women and that we should applaud them in their youth rather than speak of them as women in their 30's and 40's)]

So many questions from emails and comments. Thanks for your interest in the emerging church and your honesty in asking some of these things. I will jot down some more thoughts in relation to what has been asked in the last week.

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Kids in London

Feeling better after the flu. We went into London yesterday with the kids who are on a week's holiday from school. London is a great city to be in.
The couple on the right just got engaged. Phuoc-Tan Diep. (pronounced Foo-tan) proposed to Maggie Blick and they will be married in May. Maggie was in my youth group when i was a pastor in Australia. Phuoc-Tan Diep, who came to England as one of the Vietnamese boat people when he was a kid, is now a doctor and has a hankering to start a church in Cambridge. He will be moving in with us as soon as we all get in our house.
I will get to all the questions and comments in a few days. Hope thats OK.

Flu in the house

We are all sick with the flu. Tamara hurled on my robe last night and Abigail hit her target today (the toilet). Samuel is next. I am not feeling too good either . . . so ., . . consider me on a blog fast for a few days.
Otherwise, we are all in good spirits and upbeat about life.
I am really really really excited about the writing project that should start in a few weeks - an online hypertexted resource for emerging church.
Have a great week everyone.

Christian Booksellers and Pomos

want to change the world of Christian publishing? Brad Sargent is asking a few of us to take a look at CBA's thoughts on pomo books, or at least what kind of books to try to sell to postmoderns. Its a gold mine of information on current thought and challenges, and really fun to read. More fun thaN PlayStation 2, trust me.
Also worth commenting on below, if you feel so inclined. In fact, if you get to read it, then leave some comments and the people behind Christian book publishing in USA can hear from some of you.
They need to hear from you guys - normally they only hear from pastors, seminary students/grads, writers, speaders or other believers inside the church system.
This is all very relevant to me right now since i am working on a writing project online that is part blog, part book.

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Family news - school

First day at a new school today for our three eldest girls, who are now 11, 9 and 6. They are really excited. The teachers are nice and the students friendly. We have found a house next to the school and are applying to rent it. I am working on the references today to quicken the process. Its a 3 bedroom flat that needs painting so we are getting it a little cheaper. But still, with the weak US dollar, every exchange in English pounds is a slap in the face.
One third of England watched the final of "I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here", and the Jones family were included. In fact we started tracking it a week ago. We were all very upset to see Jonny Rotten walk off the set, and happy that Kerry got to be Queen of the Jungle.