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Questions and the Mullet of Jesus

There have been some really good questions the last 2 weeks, most of which i wish i had time to answer in full. I will probably do so soon, or tackle them in my UP AND COMING BOOK. But in the meantime, here are some quick responses.

RE: Non-western theologians? (from DJChang). Not nearly as many as i would like. We were running a global blog called kingdomspace in the hopes of mentoring non-westerners into blogging but it was mostly north americans, australasians and europeans.
RE: Powerpoint ?(from Gary Manders). Nothing against Microsoft. Its just that using software that is designed for business presentations for spiritual purposes will not sit well with the emerging culture, unless there is a serious element of play or deconstruction. I said i was going to use it once and got slammed by my theoblogian readers. So i stuck with my VJ software, which is more fun anyway. But one day i will use powerpoint (without cheesy transitions)
RE:Urban poor and emergent ministries? (from Jason Clark and others). I think emerging ministries give more empowerment to the urban poor - less benevolence, more equipping to start their own churches and ministries
RE: Women and emerging minsties. Obviously there are more women in leadership and ministry teams, having been decentralized, are more mixed in gender. Although i have to say, in the area of missiology and overseas development, which is where i often hang out, women traditionally have outnumbered men, in some cases 7 to 1. I am looking over the coming summer at the people who have told me they are going overseas on pilgrimage or mission, and again, i am looking at a large group of GIRLS! Not much equality there. Where are the men?
RE: The Passion of Christ with Mel Gibson (Alan Cross). Some of you want info and some of you have too much. Who is going to blog this conversation? What i want to know is . . will Mel's Jesus have a mullet?