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VJ'ing a school disco

oxy81.jpg Debbie (my wife) attended a school meeting for parents and somehow i got volunteered to be the VJ at the school disco.

This is not good for my image as an avant-garde VJ. I have been quite elitist in the past. I never use the same video loops twice. I usually like to explore the artistic qualities of the location, usually filming on-site and using that video as media to create loops for the same day. Then i add effects live during the event. It doesnt work out great - a little rough around the edges, actually, but i feel good that i created something unique that honors the location and will never be repeated again.
But all that gets chucked out the window now that i have to do a SCHOOL DISCO! I bet the DJ they choose will be spinning the worst of the 80's top of the pops and probably a heavy dose of Britney. How humbling. Still, i should be happy about the event and the good opportunity to speak through images on a wall.