The Passion

Vree vroughts on accents

Good news! Our application to rent in Walthamstow, London was just accepted and we should be moving in within a week. We have already got the phone number and i will order broadband. Who cares about water, heat and electricity? I just need broadband internet access. And coffee. Broadband and coffee.

Walthamstow is one of the cheapest areas of London. A little dodgy? Perhaps. Feels safe though. Not too many white people and that is a good thing. I dont trust white people much, especially after reading Stupid White Man by Michael Moore.

- Leighton was another choice, but my American wife cannot pronounce "Leighton". . .

she says Lai'in, and either swallows in the middle or leaves a pause before the final bit instead of pronouncing a "t"
"Where's the "t"?"
"brewing in the pot!"

. . . and so i chose Walthamtow instead.

- I have been frequenting this internet cafe near the house we are moving into. It is quite cheap and it has a sign in the front saying:
"Only 21p an hour for Pakistan Costumers"
Thats right. Costumers. If i dress up in a Pakistai costume, and get a sun tan, than i might get internet access for half the price.
The sign in front of me is a warning and it says, and i quote it with mistakes intact . . .
" . . we have experienced that theives may rade you without your notice, specialy on busy times."

- Our kids have already started school in Walthamstow. They started talking with an east-side London accent last week. I really dont like it. I told them off the first time they exchanged a "th" for an "f". Sounded very low class to me [i'm a bit of a snob]

"Ill be vere in vree minutes dad."
"Three minutes, dangitt!. One, two, three".

Anyway, last night, I finally relented and told them they could talk with any accent they like. I knew we w
We are a family on mission and we all have chosen to live incarnationally with the poor. And that means certain cultural forms are adopted, even ones you dont really like. Like a bad accent.

Vats all i have to say on vat.