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Mothers Day 04

Another week over - peace out!

aanddhill200 Well, just wrapping the week up and getting ready to close my computer and start cooking the pizzas.
This week;
- I confirmed 4 conferences and meetings - sheffield, nashville, brasil and one other.
- I made an excellent curry (adding pumpkin squash and eggplant to add texture)
- i made an excellent goulash (well, actually, it was the curry from the night before that got a second birth)
- I made great progress with my hypertexted book
- I attended Soul Survivor church in Watford last sunday
- Tamara is talking more
- The two oldest girls are memorzing a poem for school
- Debbie slipped on the stairs and bruised her bum
- Presents from my mum arrived from Australia and are much appreciated - samuel is wearing the coolest jumper in the world

That about it. Have a great weekend everyone. I will not be blogging this weekend - i am involved in an all-day training event tomorrow for Soul in the City. On Sunday i will be cooking a New Zealand lamb shoulder, with a 2000 Bordeaux, and perhaps a little yorkshire, and i don't want to go anywhere near my computer.
Peace and love to you all ;^)