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Forward Slash: A Narrative Missiology

walkingcityWhat I am teaching at conferences this year?
I would like to introduce Forward Slash: A Narrative Missiology for the Emerging Culture. This will be an immersive learning environment, created through the use of multimedia, digital storytelling, video loops, music, and (where possible) multiple screens. The narrative will be based on Luke 8-10, a passage that has haunted me for a number of years and is now finding a rebirth due to new technologies, and new possibilities. The immediate application of the Biblical narrative will deal with emerging culture, new media minds, a deep ecclesiology, new church structures, values of new media culture, ministry in a post-post-literate culture, and an apostolic pattern appropriate for this century.
Or in other words, how to tell stories and throw parties to transform the world. I will be teaching this as a 45 minute to one hour experience, or as a series for festivals and conferences.

forwardimageWhere? I have just posted a schedule of where I hope to be teaching this over the next year. So far, I will be teaching it at:
Carpe Manana, Switzerland (April 23-27), Blah, London (May 26), Slot Art Festival, Poland, (Jul 21-25) Lisbon, Portugal (Sep 24), IGW, Basel, Switzerland (Feb 3-5, 2005). Others awaiting confirmation include Greenbelt Festival, England (August), SCP Budapest, Hungary (Sep 11-13), Tribal Generation in Brasil (Dec 2-6) and some American conferences.

forward2Accompanying the learning experience will be a hypertexted writing project as an on-line resource, a CD-ROM, and (later on) a book.
Kit: In most places, I will be using my G3 500MHZ iBook, Midiman Oxygen 8 midi keyboard, Arkaos VJ software, Toshiba projector with document camera.
What do I need? Prayer that the right people will be equipped to start church planting movements in the emerging culture in their countries.
What do I want? A faster computer (G4), iPod would be nice, some airfare money to get over to poor countries, upgrade to Arkaos 3, one or two more invitations to the right places. Anyone in Beijing??????