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H20 language introduced today

While spoken languages are dying in some places, written software languages are being invented.
H20 or Html Html/OS Overlays was created by Aestiva. I wonder if when we get to heaven, and everyone is worshipping in their own language ("every tribe and tongue"), that there will be some geeks in the back, worshipping in PHP or H20? Little praise scripts? You never know!

Orkut: community online or goat-sacrificing satanic cult?

A few weeks ago i became a part of Orkut, at the invitation of Dan Hughes ( I am not pushing the idea to anyone since i want to see where it goes (organically), but i should be honest and tell you that since then, about 7 people have asked me to identify them as "friends" which i have, since i know them all as friends.
Well today, i took a look at some of the thousands of communties that have grouped up through this site, and i have to admit, i am a little tempted to jump into a community or two and road test them. Dan, (who has 38 "friends") is a member of quite a few of these communities, and the Bloggers group has 2345 members - that would make a pretty large Christmas gathering!

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London's Blog Map

Congrats to Infovis who are helping people visualize the blogosphere, and especially for being so integral to the non-virtual realities of these big cities. Example: the blog maps of New York City, and Washinton DC work perfectly fine, but the map of London does not come when you want it to - just like the buses and trains do not come when they are supposed to - part of the charm of living in London. Maybe the link will work tomorrow?

Lev - My New Media Guru

0262632551-2.01._PE30_PI_SCMZZZZZZZ_I admit it. i am a FAN of Lev. Lev Manovich is the man. A year ago I bought "The Language of New Media" and found it to be the most helpful book on new media that i had come across. I have probably read it 3 times. I also bought "The New Media Reader" that he helped edit, which cost me a bundle but it was worth every cent. But you dont have to invest what i have put out when you can get it for free: Lev loves new media and is a big believer in the internet - thus - much of what he has written is online and freely available, including many articles and interviews. Best place to start is "Generation Flash". Have fun!

.Mac account expiring

11 days left before Apple pulls the plug on my .Mac membership. Im not going to renew it - too expensive and i dont really use it. That means that my QT movies are all going to disappear until i upload them somewhere else and give them all new links.
My deep apologies to anyone who has linked to any of them in the past. Thats not many of you, though. The next links will be permanent since they will be linked to my blog account. The last movie I posted was Sozo, QT Movie of Nashvilles's Randy Morgan (used to sing back up for Randy Travis) and the Sozo Festival mob. They stayed with us for a few fun days and the movie is them rocking out (accoustically) in our kitchen and living room.

Font Deficiency

fontsCould you guys help me? I have neglected my font appropriation practices and now am faced with a deficiency. I need some really good fonts for my on-line book. Can you recommend some Free Fonts (with a link) or just email one or two? Much appreciated.

Reimagining Spiritual Formation

doug was supposed to write this book with me
Doug Pagitt's book "Reimagining Spiritual Formation" is published and there is a website to back up the book. Looks cool Doug!
Doug is sending me a copy of the book, which tells me he is feeling guilty for leaving me out on this one - he was originally going to have me write this with him, then he was going to have me contribute a chapter, but in the end, Doug decided to IGNORE me totally . . which is OK . . because i moved across the Atlantic and he decided to write it out of his community Solomon's Porch - which actually was a very good idea.
So send it on, Doug, cant wait to read it.

Brian O'Connell to Make Pizza this Friday

The guest of honor at this Friday's pizza party in the Jones kitchen is Brian O'Connell, Stirrer, Networker, Publisher of Impressive Documents, and Collaborator of Really Really Important Events. Brian has been working in Seattle with WEF (World Evangelical Fellowship) and Interdev, but is now getting his mind around some new projects.
We met in Malaysia, at the Great Commission Roundtable in 2001. And last year in Dallas at some other mission event. But now, in the shadow of the ominously rising pizza dough, accompanied with the smell of garlic and basil, we will conspire once again for the strategic placement of elements on the base . . . pizza base, that is.

Want to join us? Don't take this as an open invitation, and your football team is definitely NOT invited, but if you will be in London, and are not bored by missiological discussion, then you should come over for some pizza. Send me an email. We have room for a few more.

Mothers Day 04

mumatbeachHappy Mothers Day to my dear OLD Mum. Here she is painting at North Beach, Perth, West Australia. Her paintings are really good. She's a good one, my Mum. Thanks for everything!!!

debbieescalator200As for my wife Debbie, she is a Mum also, and she had a special Mothers Day breakfast in bed, a day off from working, and basically anything she wanted. Flowers too! Shes a excellent Mum, I mean Mom (shes American) and is doing a great job with our 5 kids.