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Church co-opting or innovating?

Is the church really following in the world's tracks, trying to lick its boots? Or are we instead part of the human experience and experiement, and in many cases, at the forefront. Historically, I have to say the latter. Tom from bbCit.co.uk disagrees.

Tom from bbCit.co.uk tracked back on my WiFi Enabled Church post today, and I would rather comment on his trackback here on my blog, instead of going thru the process of registering on his blog in order to comment on it and receive his cookie on my computer.

Tom writes
"You know something is succesful when others try to co-opt it for religious purposes. Look at rock, hip-hop, teenage magazines, text messages, cartoons, pseudo-science and the education system. Well, wi-fi has finally had that blessing: wi-fi in church...(read more)."

I really have to disagree with him. Tom talks as if the church is chasing the world. My experience says otherwise. Take the examples he cites
Rock? influenced by gospel music and negro spirituals.
So was hip-hop.
Magazines? We made publishing them possible.
Teens? Who taught them to read?
Education system? The church started that. Along with the hospital system and some other nifty inventions that people don't seem to have a problem with.

I find that the world is constantly trying to bless the things of the church. Examples that come to mind . . .
- Dressing in black - used to be just nuns and priests. Now its been blessed by the fashion industry.
- The word "professional" used to apply to ministers of the gospel. Later on doctors and lawyers were able to adopt the name. Now the business world has picked up the word and is staking its claim on it, along with other words that the church thought up also. (Seen the word "evangelist" recently?)
Doesn't worry me though - i just dont see why people view the church as coming in behind on "worldly" cultural forms or inventions.

Besides that, the church has historically been at the forefront of revolutions and innovations, (Renaissance comes to mind, printing press . . need i continue?) so it would make sense that we would be players in the current revolutions that are going on.
Wifi? We use it at home. Not a big deal. I am using it right now as i write this in my bedroom. Why wouldn't I also use it in church? Or at the coffee shop?

The big question is . . . why does it bother some people so much?

BACKBLOG - Tom came back and left a comment that shows he probably more of a fan than a critic. I responded . . . " that journalists often take a critical posture in their reviews or articles in order to win a larger audience or to find a more objective standpoint from which to speak. . . . thanks for clariying" I think this is the case - my apologies to Tom for being too quick to judge.