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In honor of Coop

arlingtonbeachheader1I am really grieved to tell you this. Jordon Cooper has just taken his blog offline. His wife, Wendy, has taken hers down also. Jordon has been a partner in blogdom with me for nearly 3 years. He started up right after seeing my blogspot blog, and ending up being a far more regular blogger than me, sometimes posting a dozen or so blogs a day.

He was also a key voice on the Akingdomspace site that i was involved with. There was a time when the Coopers were considering coming overseas to join us in our quest.
Why did they stop? They have had problems with a guy pestering them. .. well go and read it yourself. I think a lot of us will be watching and waiting to see how the Coopers pop up later with a new blog and how personal they get in the future. i hope they will maintain being themselves and blogging from the heart. Jordon will post at The Ooze blog for a while. I will let you know when his new site arrives.

Coops old blog, for much of its life, had just a few more hits a day than mine, and a few more (2 or 3 last time i looked) permanent links back to it than mine also. Not that i make a big deal about it. In fact, i am quite proud of my "son" and the many people he has also inspired to, as the good Book says, "publish glad tidings". As it stands this week, Coop got about 150 more visits than me. My prayer is than when he returns, he will still be more popular.