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Another Alpine weekend

caramelDon't you just hate it when everyone gets to stay home while you have to go to the Swiss Alps and eat the world's finest chocolate, breathe fresh alpine air and listen to the ringing of cow-bells and old men blowing long horns on the mountainside? I know I do! Still, I have been to Switzerland about 7 times in the last 4 years (for example here and here), but i have never done anything recreational there - no skiing with Prince Charles, no snowboarding, nothing. And this weekend will be not different. Talking and hanging and drinking coffee. Life is rough!
I wont be blogging this weekend, but when i get back (Monday) I want to start a new series on OurDailyBlog and hopefully give away some of the teaching that i will be using this weekend at the conference. So have a great weekend everyone, and pleeeeeeease . . dont feel sorry for me.
Thanks George Howell of WaterCarriers.org for a gift that helped me get the plane ticket and set up my family for pizza on Friday.