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About that meeting i missed in Manchester. Apparently they didnt miss me. They had a great time and changed everything. They voted to officially stop the European Church Growth Association and start a new organization called Eurochurch. Domain name was purchased a few hours ago - - Martin Robinson will head up the core group and the outer core, with a more international contingency, will be headed up by Blogger Reinhold Scharnowski,, who heads up Dawn Europe and is one of my bosses. (Actually, he is more like a dad to me)

A Church called Feast

Last night I sat on the floor with some young people who are kicking off a church re:start next week. It used to be called "Host" but the new church will be called "Feast". I like the name. Lots of connotations of Last Supper, Love Feast, Do "this" in remembrance (interactive meal), and a focus on being together, inviting the community to come and eat . . . lots of stuff. Good name and good group of people.

Confess your sins online

Need to confess something? is one way to make it public. There wont be a priest available to absolve you, but getting it out in the open may be a part of your forgiveness process.
Warning: This is not a site to go reading in - i guarantee you will be offended. Its a confessional site and what is said here is not a lot different than what is said inside a real confessional. So be warned. Use it for confessing, but not for Sunday afternoon reading.
This is a good example of recapitulation rather than representation. It is not trying to represent a real confessional. It is a web site designed from the ground up for this purpose.