Starting the new week

19 years

May 24th, 1985 is the year I hopped on a plane and began my overseas pilgrimage with God. I had sold my car and used the money to buy a one way plane ticket. I flew to Singapore with a group of young people. We were joining a mission called Operation Mobilization for a 2 year commitment. From Singapore i led a mission team into Malaysia. I was 21 years old.
97849626903_0_SM5 weeks later, I was in Europe, where I would lead another team into Austria, and return to Belgium to meet the girl who would pilgrimage with me in mission and marriage. We joined a mission ship, the M.V. Logos for 2 years, taking us around much of South and Central America and many of the islands. We were convinced that we were doing then what we should always be doing - serving the global church.
We were poor (we received $5 a week pocket money to get an icecream or two), enthusiastic, prayerful, bold and usually sunburnt. And we were very happy. I am still happy. The greatest people in the world, to me, are missionaries. They embody the selfless lifestyle of Jesus more than anyone I have met. My heros are missionaries. I always wanted to be one. Even when i was 12, before i even knew God, i was impressed with missionaries and saw myself doing what they do.
Anyway. 19 years later. I am still going. Thanks God. Thanks for the freedom to follow my heart. Lets do another 19!