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Going to Cyberchurch.

How historic! Opening day at UK's first 3D Cyberchurch, which turned out to be a big success. Huge hats off to Church of Fools.
I made a few screenshot QT movies:
(Broadband) There is me on the stage (17mb) or me ascending the pulpit (13 MB), both of which will give u a good idea of being there.
(Modem - you poor sods!)) An embarrassing moment for me when a girl sat on my lap in church (1.8mb) (u will see me shift down the pew like a gentleman) and some after service chatter (3.3mb).
You can click the images below to make them bigger.

The service started on time, with the bishop of london presiding. I was the invisible man . . .

since i was invisible, i decided toget a better view and join the bishop of london on the stage . . .

. . . and on the pulpit, since he wasnt using it at the time

after church, the boys had a little fun. just like always.

attention all thee with broadband . . .
here are some movies i uploaded from today's cyberchurch service. - you will need QT to view them, and due to restricted space, i will not leave them here permanently.

1. Did i really join the stage next to the bishop of london? (yes, but i was invisible) Download the

2. Did i really steal the pulpit? Download the

more tomorrow. in the meantime, feel sorry for me with my wounded hand.