Reading with humility
Going to Cyberchurch.

One handed

Dont tell my Mother!
this morning i had an accident with a falling mirror. luckily, i caught the mirror and it didnt break. Unluckily, it sliced thru a lot of muscle on my left hand and my wife rushed me off to the hospital.
not too bad, mind you. only 5 stitches. and the x-ray showed that no damage was done to my tendons,
Still, dont tell my mum!
So i am typing with my good hand (which only has a small cut) and my left is IN A FLIPPIN SLING
So dont be expecting bookloads of writing on this blog over the next week.
I am also reconsidering whether i should be travelling to nashvile next week or not.
So . . . there u have it.

on a brighter note, i made it back from the hospital in time to attend the first 3D cyberchurch service at church of fools - pictures later on.