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Suddenly Seminary - update 4.2

we did it!!!!!!!!! How much fun was that?
This picture was the final scene- us looking stunned as habbohotel suddenly shut down (crashed????) and we were frozen in time
Was that a SUDDEN STOP to Suddenly Seminary or what???? Unfortunately, at 9pm we were hoping to send off Brad - maybe we could do it another time?
what happened at the end? Habbohotel, with 8500 people in it, somehow crashed. Oh well! At least it did it at 9pm.
Thanks everyone for coming and making it a great experience. here are some more photos . . .

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Freedup - worship for Greenbelt

freedup I just sent the description of the worship installation we will be creating at Greenbelt Festival in August, as part of the Epicentre Global Roundtable for Emerging Church. Heres a shortened version.
“Freedup: A Global Reflex” Around the world, God is freeing up the next generation to be church in a new way, and respond to Him in new media. We have invited worship leaders from countries around the world to help create a unique global new media worship experience for Greenbelt04 called “Freedup”.
The Roundtable is an invitation only meeting for 50 leaders of emerging church networks and movements around the world. Not all the invitations have been sent out yet, due to the lost data that disappeared recently when i was backing up my system (ooops). Hopefully we will be all caught up in a few days.
Like the graphic? I just created it. Hope it prints well. The image was taken in Prague at the large cathedral on the hill, as i swung the camera violently through the air to capture the windows and stained glass.

Our Cyber-Party

Thats me on the bottom right, partying in the Boaz lounge. And it was a lot of fun. Great to see my friends from all over the world and for them to meet each other. Lots of bloggers turned up. Unfortunately, i neglected the actual party going on in my house and it was a little rude of me to have my face in the computer screen when i had such great guests (including Alan Cross from USA and my flesh-n-blood church homies like P-Tan and Mags).
That was the downside. It wasn't as seemless as i had hoped. The computer sucks me into it. I think a web cam system would have worked better to extend our pizza party, rather than trying to simulate it virtually in real time.

Well . . . My wife is a little upset at my last few days of geekdom. They were very creative and productive days (3 rooms, 2 parties, including a 24-7 prayer room online that people are now using) but i need to renounce the computer for the weekend as my penance for anti-social behavior at home. This Geek must repent.
Soooo . . . i will NOT be blogging this weekend, will NOT be reading your comments, NOT be making an appearance in my cyberspaces.
Hope you can make it Tuesday night for Suddenly Seminary. I will announce the time on Monday.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!

A virtual 24-7 prayer room

Can someone help? I am setting up a virtual 24-7 prayer room and have run out of time. I was hoping it would be ready for my party tonight - a pizza party in our house and its virtual equivalent in the Boaz Lounge online.
If you could, go to, sign in and get dressed. Then go to "24-7 prayer room" in the search engine under Guest Rooms. When you get there, feel free to get some more furniture or move things around as you see fit.
Maybe you could write some bible verses on the stickies and start praying that God will fill the space with his presence. I put in a mat and candles, but it looks bare and uninviting.
And if you are still there around 6pm GMT, then pop over to the Boaz Lounge and say hello to us, , my family, and my guests. I put a Narnia teleporter in that room also that should shoot you right through. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Ed and Fred

edplusfredEd and Fred paid me a visit. This is them in my backyard. They are a part of an organization called Frontiers and they are very keen about young people leaving their home countries to spend their lives loving people in the Middle East. We talked about pilgrimage, training, trends in emerging culture. I was impressed to see how similar our lives and ministries are. The way people incarnate the life of Jesus in restricted countries is very similar to the incarnational approach to minisitry in the emerging culture, where people may not have had any contact at all with the Story of God.

Invitation to Suddenly Seminary

Last night was a scream! Fantastic. Thanks to those of you who came to the Boaz Lounge. I think i will open it up again tomorrow (Friday) during our pizza party (7pm to 10pm GMT) for those of you who want a chat.
But there is another room i want to mention. . .
I've been busy this morning. I done went and fixed up a Seminary classroom. Wanna come?
After having so much fun last night in the Boaz Lounge, I went ahead and made up a classroom setting to beta test as a virtual learning environment. The room holds 25 people, and if need be, I have a cool transporter (in the shape of a Narnia wardrobe) to shoot people over to Boaz Lounge. There may only be a few of us the first time, Would you like to join me for a seminary class experience? Letting me know beforehand would be helpful.

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We have a Winner

me photoRichard White won. He was the 100.000th hitter on my site on this new location (typepad). Congrats. This all happened very fast. We were thinking tomorrow would be the big day. My son set up a virtual office only hours before we needed it.
Hhere are some screen shots:
1. Richard gets awarded his prize - a beautiful trophy in a box.
(Click on the images to enlarge them)
2. After opening the box, we discover Richard has got the wrong trophy (i told my son to get the round one) but still, it had his name engraven and its very nice. You can go and see it in the Boaz Lounge. (see details in last post re: how to get there)