We have a Winner
Ed and Fred

Invitation to Suddenly Seminary

Last night was a scream! Fantastic. Thanks to those of you who came to the Boaz Lounge. I think i will open it up again tomorrow (Friday) during our pizza party (7pm to 10pm GMT) for those of you who want a chat.
But there is another room i want to mention. . .
I've been busy this morning. I done went and fixed up a Seminary classroom. Wanna come?
After having so much fun last night in the Boaz Lounge, I went ahead and made up a classroom setting to beta test as a virtual learning environment. The room holds 25 people, and if need be, I have a cool transporter (in the shape of a Narnia wardrobe) to shoot people over to Boaz Lounge. There may only be a few of us the first time, Would you like to join me for a seminary class experience? Letting me know beforehand would be helpful.

Suddenly Seminary, in moving over to a virtual space, will continue to be as unorganized and fun as always, and will maintain a commitment to equip people to seed new communities in the emerging culture. Conversation will probably revolve around the themes of spirituality, ecclesiology, new media, and postmodernity. But that will be up to you.
I was thinking next Tuesday night, at a time that is convenient for you. I am in London. Between 6pm and 9pm my time should be late enough for the Americans. Is it too late for those downunder? Let me know, and if you are in London, bring your computer over to my house - get a wireless card to pick up my WiFi signal, and come and join us in person.
The room is called Suddenly Seminary, a guest room of Habbo Hotel. You can find it by typing "Suddenly Seminary" in the search engine under Guest Rooms, or you can take the Narnia Wardrobe transporter from the Boaz Lounge. I may password protect it the room,but if i do, i will tell you the password on this blog site on Tuesday.
History of Suddenly Seminary:
1997 - "The Lab" was a Tuesday night training that we held in a coffee shop on Haight Street, San Francisco. Famous guest teachers included Gary Chapman (5 love languages) and Thom Wolf. This is why i want to hold it on a Tuesday.
2002 - Suddenly Seminary opened during Epicentrum Event in Europe. Weekend learning parties at our large house called The Giant Peach. Famous teachers included Wolfgang Simson (Houses That Change the World) and Brian McLaren. The idea of the name "Suddenly" was that of immediate access to resources, a seminary that popped up wherever it needed to, and the crazy feeling of rocking up inside such an environment and saying "Dang, I'm in Seminary!"

Questions I have for you:
1. What topics would you find most helpful in equipping to start movements for God in the emerging culture?
2. What other teachers/mentors would you like me to invite to join us?